Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Human Rights!

Hey everyone! Sorry this post is coming up so late. I was just going to make up a post to put up tomorrow morning, but then got inspired to make this one, and wanted to get it up before the end of the day. As most of you probably know today was the first day of hearings in the Supreme Court concerning gay marriage. In support of this facebook and twitter had their Human Rights campaign, you can go to their facebook page and get more information by clicking on the link. I won't get into views and details here, but I support it and it inspired me to do this manicure and I wanted to put it up today in support. Fight for love!

Again I experimented with some different lighting.

Outside - Flash

Inside - Flash

Phone - Flash

I like the outside the best for the most part, but you can't really see the pretty light purple of the equal sign as you could inside. Haha, the colors are all weird on my phone. The red on the accent nail is Zoya Gia and then China Glaze Light as Air for the pretty light creamy pastel white/purple/grey of the equal sign. The other nails are Orly Star Spangled over Gia. Hope you all enjoyed this!

~Love Raine 


  1. I did me some pretty red tips, as well!


    1. Awesome, way to go! I bet they were poppin!!