Monday, January 28, 2013

White is the new Black

Yes! I'm on it! stay on it. Day 7 of the challenge calls for a black and white mani. Admittedly I got a little lazy with this one, but I LOVE how it turned out. I would totally rock this for a while in a different situation. Here it is!

Probably as it looks, this manicure was super easy to do. I started with a couple coats of the awesome My Boyfriend Scales Walls by OPI. While looking through my nail art supplies for inspiration I came across some assorted black stickers I had bought a while back and never used. Of course I had to give them a try. I accidentally ripped one taking it off, but I rallied and changed it up and ultimately I think it made the design on the accent nail even cooler! Oh I really don't want to take this off! :P

Stop by and see my friend's blogs: Masha and Jo They're doing the challenge too and are incredible! I may be biased, but you definitely won't regret taking a look!

~Love Raine

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 6 - Violet

Hmmm...violet? More like purple oooooor plum with some lavender. Here it is, I finally got around to doing my purple/violet/plum mani. It turned out kinda crazy, but I dig it. Reminds me of wrapping paper, hehe. I apologize in advance if some of the pics are just a touch fuzzy; I'm getting used to my new camera and lighting and stuff like that, I should probably make a light box. Anyone have any suggestions for any good designs?

For this mani I used OPI Plugged-In Plum. I originally painted it on and was so tired I fell asleep. Went to work the next day and liked it so much by itself that I ended up wearing it for couple days.. It's so pretty! After a little tip wear I finally re-did it and used tape to mark where I wanted the creamy gorgeous Butter London Muggins. I definitely spend too much money on Butters, but they're just so pretty! Probably not as much as Masha ;), but a good bit. I finished everything off with various designs using silver striping tape.

Thanks so much to everyone for reading and sticking with me and don't forget to check out my friend's Masha and Jo as they do the challenge too! If you're doing the challenge or would like to join us follow along and we'll give a shout out to you too!

~Love Raine

Monday, January 21, 2013

Playing Ketchup! (Day Blue)

I already had these pics ready so I thought, might as well post them! I'm behind anyway! I had a lot of fun with this mani! I love freehand and getting a little creative....and Sunshine!!

For the Base color here I used Blueberry by Hello Kitty that I bought at Sephora. Funny fact: I found out after wearing this color that its the exact same as the color of my lab coat. haha, weird. The clouds are a mixture of three polishes; OPI My boyfriend Scales Walls, Essence Grey-to be here, and A England Ascalon for a little holo touch! The sun is all with various acrylic paint! YAY! Like I said I love freehand! I just want to get better! Well, thanks for reading and stay in touch!

~Love Raine

And so you thought! (Green Day ;) )

And yous thought I was gone didn't you? Well I had an uber busy couple days. Just can't seem to stay on it as well as Jo and Masha who are also doing this challenge. They're both ahead of me on Stripe day. Right to it then.

Not the best pics, but I LOVE this mani! Super easy to do too. the base green (The one near the cuticle) is Color Club Artsy Crafty. I then used tape and painted on A England Saint George. One of my favorite polishes, and like I've said before, A England's formula is pretty near Perfect. The final touch is freehand using Orly Luxe. Overall, I'm very happy! And don't worry everyone, I will definitely stay on it!

~Love Raine

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fun in Freehand! - Day 3 (Yellow)

So, looks like this is turning out to be an every other day challenge...haha, sorry. I'll try harder. I noticed when editing these pics that I suck at cleaning my cuticles. I try, and they look clean, but the shine from the camera brings out all the imperfections. Oh well, I'll keep trying.

Here's my Day 3, Haven't done freehand in a while so getting back into the groove of things:

I have a broken nail and a wrap on this hand :/. I would have done the other one but I can't freehand well with my left.

I feel like I could have done better on some of the flowers, but I'm my own worst critic. Better next time. For the yellow here I used OPI The "It" Color; I like it, but it took several coats to become as opaque as I wanted it. The Gold shimmer is Venique Studded Holiday Surprise. I absolutely love this color. It makes the COOLEST gradient! It was my Xmas present from Jonochi; Thanks again!

Keep on following and I'll try to stay on the ball! And check out my friends Jonochi and Masha also doing the challenge; they're way ahead of me on the black and white day, better catch up!

~Love Raine

Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 2 - ORANGE!

Well, what can I say, I'm trying. To be far, it isn't completely my fault. I painted them a little late in the evening and it went on a little thick so they weren't dry enough all the way through for taping. It's hard with school and work and everything, but I'm trying my best. Anyway, here's day 2 of the challenge! You can also visit my friend's blogs and see their challenge posts at Lost in Lacquer and Just Add Polish; They're well ahead of me :P.

So, I didn't quite believe Masha when she said orange wasn't her color, but when I looked into my stash to figure out which one to use I just kept grabbing other colors I'd rather wear. Sigh, I finally settled on this one and started playing around. My mom actually liked this mani more than the other day, but I still don't dig the color.

For these I used China Glaze Orange You Hot? painted over OPI Alpine Snow (I think that's why it turned out so much brighter than it appears in the bottle.) The Off white stripes are actually OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. I love the very very slight grey to it, such an awesome color. Then Some orange striping tape. I borrowed the orange from Masha, but I think I'll let her keep that. Not my cup of tea, but I guess it was fun for this challenge. Haha, no regrets!'s a thought for the day! :D

~Love Raine

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Pretty Sure I died for a while, but now I'M BACK, and hoping to go strong! My bestie Masha just started up her own blog and admittedly made me miss it. So, here I am. (Click on her name above to check out her blog too, she really is good!) She suggested that I come back and do the 31 day challenge with her and I thought it was a GREAT idea! Coincidentally our friend Tana from Just Add Polish is doing it too, so it'll be fun to see each others designs. Well, without further ado, here's the challenge and my pics! Enjoy!

Day 1 is RED; I actually had this on for a day before these pictures were taken so forgive the tape's edges. I took other pictures yesterday but couldn't get the glitter, from the gradient on top, off my cuticles and really felt the need to retake them.


I was originally  going to do something more simple, but it didn't look as good, so I kept playing around until I had something I liked. This might be partially because I was painting my right hand, haha. The nails on my left just don't look so great right now.

For this mani I used OPI The Spy Who Loved Me From the 007 collection for the base, the new edition of A England's Holy Grail for the gradient at the top, and Venique's Peep Toe Shoe for the stripe and then some striping tape. I love the 007 collection, it's so pretty, I have a few but I need  to buy more of them! Also, A England's formula is bomb, probably on of my favorite's!!

No real reason for posting this other than I starting having fun with photoshop haha!

Well, thank you for reading... if you did! I will try my best not to disappoint anymore!

~ Love Raine