Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Untried Polish Challenge - Day 8 (Newest)!

Hey everyone! I think I'm getting better at this light box thing, I added more lighting on top and it help a lot. I like the quality of the pictures better already. So I finished my first rotation (internship) in microbiology and now will spending the next 3 weeks interning in the blood bank. Just have to get through this busy summer and I'll be done! Done with my BS. Just have to get to September. I'll let you guys know how it goes ;). Here are the nails.

Light Box!

I just bought these colors week, so they're definitely the newest to my collection. I'm such a sucker for grays!  I was at Cosmo Prof with my friend Michaela and found this new lacquer brand called Morgan Taylor. I was  curious so a picked up a few bottles to try and so far I definitely approve. The darker one is Morgan Taylor Power Suit and the lighter is Morgan Taylor Dress Code. They went on very smooth, were opaque in one to two coats, and dried very quickly. I don't even have top coat on in the pictures after about a day of wear and they still look good and shiny. I'm pretty sure I'll be getting some more of these to try, and possibly swatch and review. :)

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~Love Raine


  1. Oh that is so cute. I really like those colours together!

    1. Thanks! Like I said I'm such a sucker for grays!