Monday, June 24, 2013

Untried Polish Challenge - Day 16 (Was a Gift)!

Last Post! Of this challenge at least.... I'm usually not a very big fan of glitters, but I like this one a lot!! That might be because it was a gift from my Best friend Masha from Lost in Lacquer! It's just so pretty! So hard to photograph properly though....

Outside - Sunlight

Still Sunlight.... But basically what it really looks like!

Outside - Shade

Outside - Sunlight

This beautiful glitter is Ninja Polish Nebula. I would call it a multichrome glitter, but all it is is a glitter, it has a clear base. The glitter is so dense that, especially in the bottle, it seems like it has a solid color base. I painted it over OPI Road House Blues, but honestly I don't think it really needed it. It pretty much went completely opaque in 2 coats. It might have been good that i did though, otherwise I might've missed a little spot and ended up having a gap or an excessively thick glitter coat. you can purchase this cool color on the Ninja Polish website!

Here's the bottom of the bottles, not sure why I posted them. Just for fun??

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So....if your still reading, think it's about time I do a giveaway!!!!! What do all of you think that i should do????????????

~Love Raine


  1. I am normally not a huge fan of glitters, but indies have been changing my mind lately :3 I adore the colours of glitter that is in this polish, very pretty!

    1. Yeah I know exactly what you mean! This one has a pretty fun shine in the sun irl :)

    2. I bet it shines so well. The picture that is out of focus gives a great idea of what it would be like. blurry pictures sometimes are a great thing when taking pictures of glitters :)