Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Untried Polish Challenge - Day 9 (Cheapest)!

Hello All!! This is me trying to catch up...sigh. I didn't want to just do a swatch so a picked a couple cheap unused polish and just winged it. Today was a pretty nice day! I went to observe a mobile blood drive compare how it functioned in comparison to your everyday blood bank. The good part was about this was that there wasn't much to see and we ended up being done in about an hour and a half. So then I went and "sold" my own plasma and got a massage. Needless to say it's been a good day; and I still get to grab dinner and hit up Ulta and the mall with a couple friends. WIN!

I felt the need to do a bright, obnoxious color, and luckily one of my cheapest polishes is just that. The bright greenish/yellow color is Essence Lime Up. I'm pretty sure it cost me all about 50 cents at some point. In effort to not just do a swatch, but still stay with the them I grab a dark blue striper I had never used,  an Its So Easy StripeRite (Blue? I don't know, I couldn't find a name), which had been on sale for just over a dollar. I still felt like it needed something so I added the gems. The product is this madness!

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So....if your still reading, think it's about time I do a giveaway!!!!! What do all of you think that i should do????????????

~Love Raine


  1. This is cute, I like the blue rhinestones! :)

    1. Thank you dearly! I hope it wasn't too much.

    2. I don't think so, they are great for playful nails ^_^

    3. Haha Oh good :D thanks for the support!

  2. I love the design, and Essence Lime Up looks like a brilliant colour, irrespective of price!

    1. You know I acrually like too! And the formula for the price is great! It's a little more green than the pics ahow though.