Sunday, May 26, 2013

Untried Polish Challenge - Day 7 (Oldest)!

I'm alive! I just received this new light-box type thing and I' still trying to figure it out. Hope these turned out ok, I hope I can get better at this. My friend who's a photographer said he would help me so I hope to have something more standard soon! But the good news is at least I can take pictures day or night. I think I still like how some things turn out outside, but we'll see if that changes. Enjoy!

Light Box!

This here pretty green matte color is called Zoya Veruschka on top of it for the stripes I painted Zoya Envy. I love how simple and elegant this manicure turned out. I can't believe I've never used these. I have older polish, but these were some of my very first Zoya. I won Envy in a set of 3 at Jo's (From Just Add Polish seen below) very first polish party and then bought Veruschka in my first Zoya order. Wow how my collection has grown since then! LOVE!

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  1. I think they look great.

    I have a light box as well, for me I've found the black background gives the truest colors with the polish, also play around with the white balance and other settings on your camera. It'll help alot.

    1. Thanks I think I'll try that, I thought the pics looked a little too yellow originally so I definitely need to fix that.

  2. Oh, I love this colour! It reminds me of OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow Suede.

  3. I love the matte look, and these colours are so pretty! Your nails look so good.

  4. This look is great! And I want a light box too!!

    1. You really should. Better than just florescent light and easy to take pictures with late at night!