Thursday, May 30, 2013

Untried Polish Challenge - Day 10 (Most Expensive)!

Today's post is super picture heavy so I'll get right to it and give you the shpeal (spelling?) beforehand and get right into it. This is one of the most incredible colors I've ever owned and now definitely one of my favorites. It was kind of a pain in the a** (sorry :p) to photograph, but only because it's so multichrome and so multi-dimensional that I wanted you all to see all the possible colors, unfortunately I don't even think I got all of them. This is Enchanted Polish Kids, A wonderful multichrome that includes; teal, lilac, l. blue, grey, l. plum and pink among others. On top of all of these it's HOLO! Omg I love it! If you want to buy your own or one of her other amazing colors you can  go to The Enchanted Polish website or Llarowe and sign up to receive an email about when they are in stock again. Anyway, enjoy the million picture, yes it's all the same manicure/same polish haha :).

Inside - Light Box



Outside - Sunshine

Outside - Shade

Cell Phone

I'm having so much fun with this challenge! Try it out for yourself!

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So....if your still reading, think it's about time I do a giveaway!!!!! What do all of you think that i should do????????????

~Love Raine


  1. It's quite lovely! Thank you the great pics!

  2. Replies
    1. It is! I don't want to take it off!

  3. *Wants* That's seriously a drool-worthy polish.

    You should giveaway Enchanted Polishes, ha ha! JK, but damn, I sign up for the email alerts, but by the time to go on the site, they're out of stock again! I'm getting really frustrated, and I'm not willing to pay $50 on Ebay.

    I've always wanted to do a giveaway but I don't have enough readers. If you do one, I'd love to get in on it! (Shoot me an email)

    1. Crap, that didn't work. unicorngirl1(at)gmail

    2. I will definitely let you know when I do one! I'm never quick enough to get any on llarowe but this time I managed to be quick enough to get a couple of her sight. And then I just sat there for a minute and kept refreshing it and atrempting to add to cart. The carts only hild your selection for so long and then kick them out so sometimes you can get someone else's if that hapoens or they change their mind. I got another that way. Keep trying and don't give up!